The Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (MCN) Graduate Program at MIT

MIT is home to numerous world-class laboratories that are at the forefront of neuroscience research. These lab groups are focused on understanding nervous system function and the biological basis of brain disorders, engaging in an abundance of interdepartmental collaborations across MIT. There are so many diverse opportunities to engage in neuroscience research at MIT that the options can be somewhat overwhelming. In that regard, the MCN program was developed specifically for incoming Ph.D. students from both the Biology Department and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences looking to explore research in this multidisciplinary field. The program provides an integrated track so that students have access to neuroscience-based laboratories across the entire MIT campus regardless of their affiliation. In addition the MCN program provides a local community to support neuroscience based on student input and initiatives such as seminars [link] and socials open for all interested student to attend and share in discussion, as well as electives courses to supplement the core departmental curriculums.

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