Faculty and Areas of Research

Modification of the Cerebral Cortex by Sensory Experience

Development of Neural Control Tools and Application to Brain Disorders

Mechanisms of Sensory Representation in Brain Circuits

Imaging Technology for Large-Scale Brain Mapping

How the Brain Learns and Generates Complex Sequential Behaviors

Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic and Circuitry Development and Psychiatric Disorders

Neural Mechanisms that Generate Persistent Behavioral States

Neurophysiology of the Limbic System

Effects of SIRT1 on Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cognition

Michael Halassa

Thalamic Control of Cognitive Flexibility, Attention and Decision Making

Dendrites and Neuronal Computation

Cell-type Specific mRNA Profiling in Mouse Models of Neurodegeneration

Genetics of Nervous System Development and Function in C. elegans

Pathology Mechanisms and Genetic Modifers in Huntington’s Disease

Epigenetic Control of Brain Development and Function

Ankur Jain

RNA Self-assembly in Cell Organization and Neurodegenerative Disease

Non-Invasive Functional Imaging Methods to Study Neural Behavior

Synapse Formation, Function and Plasticity in Drosophila

Characterization of Genes Involved in CNS Structural and Synaptic Plasticity

Genetic Control of Nervous System Regeneration in Planarians

Synaptic Plasticity, Neurodegeneration, Therapeutics, Psychiatric Disorders

Plasticity Mechanisms in the Developing and Adult Cerebral Cortex

Genetic Approaches to Learning and Memory Circuits in Mice

Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease and Epigenetic Regulation of Learning and Memory

Neuronal Plasticity, Ensemble Representations, Learning and Sleep

Neuroengineering: Molecular and Optical Control of Activity and Stem Cell Selection