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2018 MCN Seminars
(All seminars begin at 4:00 PM in 46-3002  (Singleton Auditorium), followed by a social to 6 PM)
There will be a MCN student lunch with all guest speaker that aren't MIT staff members. 
To sign up contact Charles Moss (
--  Spring  --
Feb. 09         Joshua Sanes (Harvard University)
                     "Formation of Neural Circuits in the Retina: Cells and Molecules"
Mar. 02        Rachel Wilson (Harvard medical School)
                    "Neural Correlates of Orienting Behaviors and Latent Action Biases"
Apr. 06        Troy Littleton (MIT)
                    "Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Heterogeneity of Neurotransmitter Release
                     Probability at Synapses"
May. 04       Hisashi Umemori (Boston Children's Hosp.)
                    "The Dopaminergic Synaptic Organizers"
2017 MCN Seminars
(All seminars begin at 4:00 PM in 46-3002  (Singleton Auditorium), followed by a social to 6 PM)
--  Fall  --
Sep. 15         Fen-Biao Gao (UMass Medical School)
                     "Insights from Drosophila and iPSC Models of C90RF72-related ALS/FTD"
Oct. 20         MCN Student Symposium:
                     Kutay Atabay (Reddien Lab)
                    "Mechanisms of Self-Organization in the Planarian Nervous System"
                    Zoe Hilbert (Kim Lab)
                    "Sexually Dimorphic Decision-Making in C. elegans"
                    Caitlin Vander Weele (Tye Lab)
                    "Dopaminergic Modulation of Prefrontal Cortex Subpopulations"
                    Lou Beaulieu-Laroche (Harnett Lab)
                    "Dendritic Integration in Human Neurons"
Nov. 17        Gloria Choi (MIT)
                    "Gut Microbiome to Cortical Dysfunction: Neural Circuits Underlying Behavioral
                    Abnormalities in Mice Exposed to Prenatal Immune Activation"
Dec. 08       Phillip Haydon (Tufts Medical School)
                    "Sleep and Wake Coordinated by Glia"
--  Spring --
March 03      Zhigang He (Harvard Medical School / Boston Children Hospital)
                     “From axon regeneration to functional recovery after injury”
April 07        Bradford Lowell (Harvard Medical School)
                     "Hunger Management: Feedback/Feedforward Regulation and the Effector Circuits"
May 05         Susumu Tongegawa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
                     "Monitoring and Engineering Memory Engram Cells and Their Circuits"
2016 MCN Events
(All seminars begin at 4:00 PM in 46-3002  (Singleton Auditorium), followed by a social 5 PM to 6 PM)
February 5     Steve McCarroll (Broad Institute - Harvard Medical Sch)
                      "Genetic Eveidence for a Neuro-immune Mechanism in Schizophrenia"
March 4         Nace Golding (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
                      “Life in the fast brain: mechanisms and temporal codes underlying sound
April 8            Kwanghun Chung (MIT)
                      "Scalable Proteomic Imaging of Intact Biological Systems"
May 6            MCN Student Symposium
Sep. 16         Cagla Eroglu (Duke University)
                      "How do Astrocytes Control Development and Plasticity of Synaptic Circuits?"
Oct. 14          Elly Nedivi (MIT)
                      "Visualizing Synapse Sructural Dynaics in Neocortex in vivo"
Nov. 18         Sebastian Kadener (Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem)
                      "Molecular and Physiological Functions of Circular RNAs in the Brain"
Dec. 09         Chinfei Chen (Children's Hospital)
                      "A Role for Cortical Feedback in Thalamic Development" 

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